I hate the cold. Hate. It.

I was not made for snow or ice or freezing winds. I love the sun and the tropics and swimming in the ocean. I love my feet in the hot sand and tan lines. I love my beach house in Florida.

But I'm not in Florida anymore.

I'm trapped on some icy hellscape with no way home...because it's another planet. In Outer Space.

How did this happen? I have no idea. The last thing I remember was chatting up some hottie in board shorts at the beach bar, the sun's rays warming my shoulders, sipping on a Mai Tai, living my best damn life, and then my phone glitched out on me, acting all Jumanji: On An Alien Planet You Must Wait...

Sucked me right out of my cushy life and dumped me on an icy beach in nothing but my pearl-white bikini and bohemian-blue maxi dress. Shivering my butt off, I don't have much time to take in my new surroundings or even wrap my head around my wacky cell phone before I'm confronted by the aliens that inhabit this block of ice.

They're big and brawny and hairy—and I am terrified. Not at all turned on right now...

This story is STANDALONE and does NOT end in a cliffhanger.



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