Sweet Dreams


I have zero intentions of buying myself an alien male.

100 years ago, that statement may have struck you as odd for a variety of reasons. Today, it’s only odd for the simple fact that it casts me as an outsider. I am the only person I know that’s not clawing her way through the complicated process of claiming an alien mate for myself. My sisters, my cousins, my aunts, and even my own mother have brought home an alien wether it be to satisfy a loneliness, a companion to share their time and affection, or to procreate. Or so they say.

Watching from my ivory tower, it seems to me things are a little darker than your typical happily ever after. Women of my spoiled, gilded, elite world are shopping around for the tallest, fittest, most exotic males. Physical desires would be a huge motivator I imagine but these males seem to have little purpose other than to be a mate to impress. A pretty thing to dangle before ones enemies and drive them green with envy.

Im not interested in a trophy mate and would rather sit back and watch the die tacos from afar.

But my mother has baby fever and my sisters are insistent on describing every last lascivious act taking place in their bedrooms. Pure and simple, I’m surrounded by a horde of hormonal women and they are trying their level best to infect me with their pesky fertile urges. But I don’t want babies and I don’t need companionship. In fact, I’m perfectly happy alone. Or so I thought.

When I walk into the cosmic kissed agency, purely to indulge my meddling family and meet Jareth for the first time, a tall, arrogant Saveet male with a silk tongue and bedroom eyes…I’m more than a little shocked by my bodies reaction and even more confused as to how I ended up signing those dang papers that bound us together for life.

Suddenly I’ve become the envy of every woman in my life and in the world of the rich and selfish, that is a dangerous place to be.


I am to find a female. Mate with her and bring glory to my family. I have found the most beautiful of them all. Shy, yet fierce, there is no other more worthy to birth my young. Though she denies the bond building between us, I see the hunger in her eyes, the desire. My little human avoids me by day, but by night she dreams of me. Calls out my name in her sleep. I am content to wait for her until a malevolent force threatens our bond and then I wait no more. I take her, to save us both.

Sweet Dreams, written by Erin Raegan, is part of a collaboration of authors collectively known as Cosmic Kissed. This book has no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Warning. For readers 18 years and older. Contains explicit sexual situations and language.